Why We Work for Racial Equity

Published Feb 8, 2019

As we expand our work on issues of racial and economic inequity, we often get questions from our supporters about what that has to do with science.

Data shows that certain populations in the United States, particularly African Americans, Latinos, and low-income communities, bear the worst brunt of environmental injustice, with disproportionate exposure to environmental pollutants and unequal health and safety risks from climate change.

At UCS, we believe science can and should be applied to reduce racial and economic inequity. It is not enough to develop solutions that improve health, security, and the environment at a general level; we must ensure the solutions we pursue do not cause additional harm, and favor those solutions that can alleviate existing inequities. In addition, the problems we face—like any complex problem—can be better solved by working with people from all backgrounds. We need to do our part to make sure science is non-discriminatory, equitable, and inclusive for all its diverse practitioners.

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