Nicole Pinko

Corporate Analyst and Engagement Specialist

Media Contact

Nicole Pinko is a corporate analyst and engagement specialist with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. She works on accountability campaigns for fossil fuel companies, including overseeing corporate campaign research, facilitating rapid responses to developments in and around the fossil fuel industry, cultivating investor and shareholder allies, engaging directly with UCS campaign targets, and writing reports. Prior to joining UCS, Ms. Pinko was a senior associate at Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc., where she advised socially responsible investors on environmental, social, and governance issues, and developed metrics to identify climate change risks. Before that, she researched multinational mining and energy companies as a research analyst for Conservation International. Ms. Pinko earned a BA in economics and in political science from the University of California, Davis, and a master’s in international political economy from the University of York.